You betta call E.T.!

made a super cool hat of my own design with a slip-stitch pattern based on the squares of the number 2.

even the yarn is super cool – it’s made of a self-striping soy/wool blend.

but i forgot that the super cool slip-stitch pattern makes a smaller hat than the standard sticth & I need to add extra stitches to adjust.

it’s ok, ET doesnt seem to mind.

it is wearable, but a little too snug.

i am hoping to find a hip toddler to give it a good home.



5 thoughts on “You betta call E.T.!

  1. i just cut the hippest toddler in the world’s hair last night, he might could use some head warming. i’m just sayin’.

    also, what’s that most awesome plastic beastie in the left bottom corner of your picture?

    also? could you be any cuter?

  2. that’s Phil A. O’Fish (he’s irish).

    he was …liberated from a McDonald’s playground somewhere. But I got him fair & square at the fountain square antique mall.

    He has papers!

    Don’t send Mayor McCheese’s fascist bully boys after me!

  3. I’m so impressed that you knit and study at the same time. My partner, John, made me a kitty hat this winter. I blogged about it and my WordPress stats show that the post receives many views from internet searches for “kitty hat.” I love that kitty hats are actually searchable. Anyway, the Kitty Hat is a little small, too, but sometimes the snug look works, I think.

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