Serge’s Snuggly Goodness

Mom needed an emergency baby gift for one of her cousins daughters kids or something. This is what we made:

Baby Blanket

The cool thing about this one is that it uses four strands of yarn on jumbo needles, and can be made in less than a week. This one was made with four strands of Lion Brand Homespun – a yarn I usually avoid like the plague because the yarn’s low-twist makes it prone to splitting.

Working the yarn in multiple strands alleviates this annoying habit and makes it much more pleasant to use. This is the 3rd or 4th of these blankets that I have made and they have always turned out well.

Bably Blanket 2

I think it only took me a weekend, but that was during winter break. It is super soft and snuggly – so much so that little whatshisname almost didnt get it.



2 thoughts on “Serge’s Snuggly Goodness

  1. Yarn was bought by someone else expressly for this project.

    That falls under rules 2b and 3.

    And it was bought before new year’s day.

    so there.

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