Second rule of Knit Club

Stack o' Stash

Ok, me not getting new yarn is just not going to happen. I think I can still make it till september if i add these 3 addendums:

exception a: Yarn purchased for the sole purpose of teaching does not count as stash. It is an office supply.

exception b: Recycling is good for the enviroment; therefore, yarn recycled from thrift store sweaters is A-ok.

exception c: Adding store-bought to stash can be excused if and only if these two conditions are met 1) Yarn is on CRAZY sale – minimum 60%-off AND 2) there is already a project in mind. this means pattern is already bought, written or printed off the inter-web. (condition 2 can be excused for yarn bought for holiday gifts – that goes in storage till september anyway.)


2 thoughts on “Second rule of Knit Club

  1. So why nine months? That seems like a terribly long time. Cruel and unusual, even.

    And what if I repaid you for my scarf in yarn? Because gifts don’t count, right? See, I got your back.

  2. Oh to dream the impossible dream!

    I’m going Shabby Sheephearding this afternoon. Wanna go with me and just touch??? Yeh right!

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