Heartfelt VD Present

Valentine's Day Present
This is what I made with my emergency yarn purchase.

As you can see, it would not have worked if I did not have red yarn.

This is the “Heart-Felt Wishes” bowl from www.fiberfemmes.com. Bad puns aside, I think it turned very well.

I used two stands of Patons Classic Wool and size 13 needles, just like the pattern called for.

Here it is Before Felting: Heart before Felting

It went surprisingly fast, and I almost had it on time to give away on valentines day.

I blame Physics homework for the delay.

Sadly, I have just discovered that my fancy new W/D is not that great when it comes to felting projects. I had to finish this one off by hand. Considering I already have the yarn for at least three more felted projects, I am gonna have to start doing laundry at friend’s houses. That’ll be fun.



2 thoughts on “Heartfelt VD Present

  1. Is it a front-loading washer? Unfortunately, they just don’t work quite as well for felting, though I have to say that our top loader still doesn’t do as good a job as I can by hand. Running it through the dryer afterwards helps a lot, though.

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