quien es Sergio?

Jane says “I’m done with sergio…”

I like to make stuff. Just about any kind of stuff.

Weld, cast, knit, crochet, paint, sculpt, sew, print, photo, digital arts, web design… I’m kinda ADD when it comes to the arts.

They say I should be keeping a record of what I make, so here it is. They also tell me secrets… special things that only I can understand…

Currently, I am an assistant to the Fine Arts Department Chair at Collin County Community College. In Plano. I also do the department’s print and web design and assist the faculty.

I am almost done (maybe?) with my B.F.A. in Art & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is in Richardson.*

“Art & Technology” is a fancy term for Geek Art and covers everything from Web design to Special Effects and 3D Animation.

I love what i do and what I am studying. But it means i am never far from my computer, for better or for worse.

* I am a firm believer that the smaller cities in the DFW metroplex should just incorporate. But then, as a native Houstonian, urban sprawl is my natural habitat.

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